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Natalya Tsidylo

Forest House exclusive

We offer for your holiday, a private house in two levels - «Forest House exclusive»

Option to rest some couples and families in the style wood house from untreated (wild) wood, using only environmentally friendly

The house is located on Shevchenko str., 290 b, bordering the forest and in close proximity to sources № 25,26.

On the territory there are garage and
garden house.The apartment has:modern furniture, double bed+sofa,iIndividual heating,cold / hot water 24 hours a day.Household appliances:laundry washer, microwave, cooking utensils, refrigerator, kettle, iron, ironing board, hair dryer.Flat Screen TV-TV cable, free internet - WiFi.Bed and bath accessories, towels, dishes. In the living room located the fireplace.

Price 1300-1500 UAH. / Night, depending on the lease term and the number of people. As for the weekends and holidays prices may change - so write the message and ask about dates, and we'll be able to clarify for you the cost! Welcome to contact us!

Fill in:

Homestead "Forest Song"

Number of rooms: 5

Apartment area: 270 м2

Number of beds: 15

Floor: 3

Parking: present

The daily rent for this apartment is:
250 UAH

Room number 5

Number of rooms: 1

Apartment area: 20 м2

Number of beds: 3(2+1)

Floor: 3

Parking: present

The daily rent for this apartment is:
350 UAH