Summer rest in the Carpathians

Thinking of a summer rest in the Carpathians? The private sector in Skhidnytsia offers a cheap vacation in a comfortable wooden house, as well as in the two-storied cottage “Fairy Tale of the Forest”(in Ukrainian Skazka lesa) at the lake. If you have not decided yet where to relax together with your children, then the Carpathians will be a great place to relax for the whole family. Here it will be possible to combine the treatment by the healing mineral water with a rest on a fresh air.

Summer rest in the Carpathians 2018. Skhidnytsia – healing resort in the Carpathians

If you’ve decided to spend summer holidays in the Carpathians, we recommend to stay in Skhidnytsia, Lviv region, in our cozy houses. The prices for housing that we offer will pleasantly surprise you. Skhidnytsia is a resort in Lviv region, where the best doctor is nature itself. The village Skhidnytsia located in a picturesque valley on the banks of a small mountain river and surrounded by pine forests. The clean mountain air and breathtaking landscapes of the Carpathians create excellent conditions for rest and recuperation.

Summer rest in the Carpathians

The unique feature of this place is that it is the only resort in Europe on the territory of which there are about 40 mineral water springs. Also there is therapeutic mud there. Mountain air combined with the aroma of pine forests and mineral springs is an excellent option for summer recreation in the Carpathians.

From Lviv you can get to this paradise by electric train “Lviv – Truskavets”, then by taxi “Truskavets – Skhidnytsia”. You can also use the shuttle “Lviv – Skhidnytsia ” from the main railway station. There is also a train from Kiev to Truskavets. You need to go with a transfer to transport, which runs from Truskavets to Skhidnytsia.

If there is a question, where to go in winter or at another time of the year, then Skhidnytsia will always accept you. There is a special climate here. In winter it is mild and warm. You can enjoy skiing near the village. In spring and autumn the forest is of a special beauty. In summer, you can conquer the Stryi River by kayak. The main advantage of recreation in the Carpathians in summer 2018 is a combination of pure fresh air, the aroma of pine forests and healing springs that help cure many diseases.

Rest in the Carpathians with “Renting”

A private wooden house is great for families and couples. The guest house is constructed in the style of a forest house made of high-quality wood. The house is located on the picturesque hillside next to the forest in close proximity to two healing mineral springs. There is an alcove and a garage on the territory. Inside there are all necessary conditions for living, and even a fireplace.

The cottage “Skazka lesa” is also located near mineral springs. There are five rooms of different categories (pricing) in the cottage starting with an economy class to the category of increased comfort. There is an alcove, a chargrill and a pond for fishing on the territory of the cottage.

Our forum has detailed information about summer rest in the Carpathians. You can see the photos with descriptions and prices. Unique landscapes, silence and mighty pine trees will help your family to receive truly unforgettable rest and strengthen their health.

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