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Breathe in … Lviv, having walked through the narrow streets , peer into its beauty through the cobwebs of centuries , drink coffee or filizhanku Kuhol Lviv beer , relax in the cozy Tsukernia , take a picture


for memory , toss a coin in the old fountain and be sure to come again and again in the Princely hail !Old Lions – it’s not just ancient streets and buildings , it is the charm and unique atmosphere which permeated every stone .
Narrow streets of the Old Town hide many secrets. You are acquainted with the history of the city , life Lviv . You ‘ll learn why Lions played an important role in the European context , and why the city is already in the XIV century was on European maps .    This will be a walking sightseeing tour , during which you will explore the old Market Square, learn the history of Lviv City Hall , learn about the life and co-existence of ethnic communities in the city , visit the Latin Cathedra – the main Catholic church in Lviv, where during the Mass plays ancient organ , visit the main Armenian temple XIV century – the oldest church in Lviv, Dominican church of XVIII century church of the Assumption , which once played a significant role in the development of Ukrainian culture, hear the story of the city’s fortifications and check some of them will visit the Jewish section , where the remains of the synagogue .

Duration of the tour – 3-4 hours.

Sightseeing bus tour

The ancient center of the city is included in the UNESCO list. But the city still has many interesting places outside the center . Bus tour will acquaint you with the history of the city. You inspect the famous railway station – one of the finest buildings in Europe station , climb the mountain Svyatoyursky where the St. George Cathedral – the perfect reminder of the Baroque era in Ukraine ( in the crypt of the church hierarchy buried the Greek Catholic Church – Metropolitan Andriy Cardinal Joseph Blind ) climb the mountain High Castle , which actually was once an old castle Lvov ( now there is a park and an observation deck with panoramic views of the entire city ) , check one of the oldest cemeteries in Europe – cemeteries of the XVIII century , and make sure Lviv – a real green oasis.

Duration of the tour – 3-4 hours.

Tour of the Cemeteries

Walking through the ancient cemetery acquaint you with the history of the cemetery, his burial. After all, here are buried many historical figures – politicians, poets, composers, musicians. Excitement breathtaking when approaching the tomb of Ivan Franko, Markiyan Shashkevycha, Krushelnytska, Maria Konopnicka. These masters of the pen and the words were doing at the time of the city’s cultural identity.

Duration of the tour – 2 hours.

Opera House

Walking tour of Lviv National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Krushelnytska that rightfully belongs to the most beautiful buildings in our country. Silhouette of the main facade of the theater is recognized as a kind of emblem of the city. And build it – perfect architectural creations, which will certainly be worth a visit while staying in Lviv.

Duration of the tour1 hour

Underground Lviv

Tour will introduce you to the pharmacy museum cellars and dungeons Jesuit Church. You are acquainted with the history of Lviv cellars, dungeons moves. You get acquainted with the exposition of pharmacology at the pharmacy museum (the oldest operating pharmacy in Lviv), review of pharmacy cellars where the wine is stored, conducted tastings and pharmacists worked. You inspect the dungeons of the Jesuit church, full of mysticism and mysteries.

Duration of the tour – 2 hours.

Out of town tours

Golden Horseshoe of Lviv

Tour of the ancient castles and fortresses of Lviv. The route runs in a horseshoe shape (hence the name). Inspection trip includes three castles: Olesky in the town, village and city Pidgirci Zolochev.

Olesky Castle.

Few castles in Ukraine, which were so imbued with history. The oldest castle in Western Ukraine. Here was born the famous Polish king, here he spent his childhood outstanding Ukrainian hetman, there once the treasure was found. Who were these figures? You will learn about this already during the tour.

Podgoretsky Castle.

Rather palace than a defensive fortress. Perhaps the richest magnate residence of his time. It is this castle once rightly considered beautiful in Poland. Rarely seen in the quiet village of something like that.

Zolochevsky Castle.

High on a hill , where the terrain is clearly visible , located bastion type castle , built in the XVII century . Those turbulent times require locking arm impregnable walls , moats and ramparts. Here is the only Ukrainian Chinese palace . It was here, rising bastions , you will feel like in the maelstrom of battle, but at the same time and in safety. Today the castle is happy to be tourists. You only need to knock on the gate.

Duration of the tour – 7 hours.

(At the request of tourists to sightseeing tour can include a visit to Univ Lavra curative source and the Miracle Icon and visit the castle in the village SvirZ.It is in this castle filmed a Soviet version of ” D’ Artagnan and the Three Musketeers “).

Zhovkva – Krekhov

In the 23 – km  from Lviv in the late XVI century. erected Zhovkva – an ideal city -fortress , which later became the royal residence of the rich Eastern Europe. This small town will impress any tourist . Renaissance dome churches and churches harmony envelop city of antiquity. Impression noble grandeur complements the ancient royal castle. Picturesque hills lavishing , old walls , cozy cafes – about Zhovkva can talk a lot . But it is better to see it.In the 12- km . from Zhovkva lavishing located amidst the picturesque Greek Catholic Monastery OSBM ( Chin St Basil the Great ) . Fertile atmosphere and incredible silence envelops you here. You will learn about the history of the monastery , we will walk to the source of healing water , visit the caves ( it found refuge in the caves of the first monks ) .

Duration of the tour – 5-6 hours.


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