Booking conditions apartment in Lviv

When booking an apartment you do not pay us a commision and other additional charges!


For reservation comfirmation that you liked, you must prepay.Advance payment is one night of residence. Payment can be made through any convenient bank or to a card account 5168 7427 0680 3339 – Natalya Tsidylo.

BENEFICIARY: TSIDYLO NATALYA, 82406, Ukraine, Lvivska area, c. Stryi, st.
Vyhovskoho, build. 3, fl 17.
IBAN: UA873052990005168742706803339
ACCOUNT: 5168742706803339
INTERMEDIARY BANK(Correspondent bank): Commerzbank AG Frankfurt am Main Germany
CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT(Beneficiary bank’s account with Correspondent bank):acc No 400 8867004 01

This book is necessary to agree on the telephone or email. From now on it will be booked for you and you get 100% assurance available apartments for the desired period. Prepayment – this is a sign of seriousness on your part. Without it we can not deny the other guests who will be interested in the same dates.


Cancel booking:

Upon cancellation of an order in less than 14 days prior to the settlement, the advance is not refundable. 


Rental without prepayment:

You can rent our apartment without prepayment. Just call us the day of settlement or the day before, and we are glad to offer you a free apartment. Advance booking is basically going prepaid.

Early booking:
By booking apartment on 7 Nights for at least 30 days prior to arrival and prepaid at least 50% per stay discount of 10%.

Check-in/ check-out:

The check-in after 1 pm.
Estimated time of departure of the apartment before 11 am, regardless of time of arrival.
Morning check-in (after 7 am) as well as eviction after 11am (up to 7pm) may be subject to additional fees in the amount of 50% of the room stay per night. After the 7pm pay the daily price of the apartment.
Payment is on arrival, after deduction of the advance.
Day are considered in terms of the number of nights.


We offer a meeting at the airport, bus and train stations and maintenance on the car to the residence. Transfers discussed further.

The rules:

We are renting apartments for housing. We are not renting apartments for other purposes (office meeting, birthday, crowded assembly, etc.). This is due to the booking. Otherwise, we reserve the right to evict you without notice and without compensation payment for the entire stay.

Please behave in an apartment in accordance with generally accepted ethical and moral standards. Do not make noise, do not turn on loud music, do not swear neighbors.

In cases of hooligan behavior can be evicted from the apartment without notice and without compensation to pay for rent.In case of damage to property or equipment apartment tenant must compensate the costs associated with its repair or purchase a new one.

When the lessee leave the apartment earlier, regardless of the reasons (“urgent need to leave”, “force majeure at home”, “changed plans”, “changed the date of travel,” “sick children”, “no tickets for the desired day,” etc. etc.), the rent is not refundable.

Landlord is not responsible for the lack of water, electricity, gas, Internet, which did not happen with his guilt. For the lack of these services meet the appropriate urban services.